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pastors across our state.

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The Nevada Baptist Convention exists to serve, encourage, and resource pastors across our state.


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Grace City Vegas

NBC Featured Church

When Pastor Dave Earley, his wife Cathy, and a team of 17 Prayer Warriors, evangelists, and disciple-making, missionaries left it was not just to start a church. Their vision was much bigger than just starting a single church. Their vision was to play a role in catalyzing a 21st century spiritual awakening in America and see 100,000 souls come to Christ in Las Vegas. “Because we have a big God we have big vision. We decided to cash in all of our chips to give our lives to a huge and eternal vision. We want to see nothing less than 100,000 souls come to Christ in Las Vegas and a 21st century Pentecost, a 21st century Great Awakening in the United States such that it will shake the globe.” – Dave Earley (2012).

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